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Wireless Is Looking Out For You




The spread of COVID-19 upended our daily routines, resulting in isolation, distance learning, working from home, and many other challenges. It quickly became apparent that keeping connected through social distancing was paramount from people’s professional and educational lives to their mental and physical health. Thankfully, wireless technologies unlocked solutions to these obstacles that millions of Americans faced. The world saw the expansion of telehealth, video conferencing in place of in-person events and gatherings with loved ones, education that went beyond the walls of the classroom and so much more. Read the blogs and personal stories below for just some of the ways that wireless is working hard to ensure we’re all #KeepingConnected during these difficult times.

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#KeepingConnected Blogs

People across the US are using wireless to keep connected. Here are their stories:

I recently became a volunteer for an organization who helps others emotionally and socially via phone communication. There are many elderly people and even younger people who now are out of work due to COVID and having a difficult time financially, and it’s also taking a huge emotional impact and affecting daily lives and function. Depression is creeping in for many. I am able to call from my cellular device and connect with someone who needs someone to talk to, a support person, new friend, one who needs resources, who may be all alone, etc. I talk with them and show much much I truly care and will go above and beyond to assist in any way possible. \n\nI truly love good people and realize we all need someone. And I want to be that someone for others. – Kimberly, North Carolina

I depend on wireless to keep up with Doctors appointments and family and friends. I depend on them for help . Without wireless I would be in deep trouble! They pump me up and inspire me to keep fighting! – William, Florida

I love to connect with my old friends. I always love when my grands post pictures. All of my family can reach out too. – Valerie, Pennsylvania

My wireless story is simple, I need to be connected so I can stay in touch with the vital services like my doctor and therapist.I also need to able to connect to my friends.Being connected gives me peace of mind. – Michael, Washington

If I did not have my wireless phone, I would not be able to connect with my family from around the United States!! – Natalie, Pennsylvania

Wireless is a great way to keep in contact with all of your loved ones! Reconnect with new and old friends and share stories in your life. Learn new skills.Work from home. Great way to watch a movie, and keep up with the latest songs. – Sirena, Oklahoma

IT KEEPS ME SANE! I have to have my daily ‘learn something new’ fix. Plus I don’t know how I would be able to cope with life if wireless wasn’t around to help keep me in touch with my children! It gives me the opportunity to begin to heal from the death of my mother. She was my best friend. Thank you Wireless for giving me the opportunity to keep her memory alive. – Leslie, Texas

I use my cell phone so I can keep in contact with my girls and am able to do my homework. – Carol, Illinois

I have a niece who is 3 and we talk almost every day over Skype. She shows me what’s she’s made. She loves to draw and make things, so we sometimes make things together. – Melanie, Michigan

Engaging with learning is the most impactful part of having wireless while spending time at home! – Donna, Kansas

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