The Latest Innovation in Wireless Service

From streaming music and video to other apps and content, free data services offer you more data without counting toward your mobile plan. Free data services give you the freedom to choose the right option that fits your wireless budget and your wireless lifestyle. That’s the benefit of free data.

Consumers have overwhelmingly embraced free data services, yet government regulators are surprisingly under pressure to ban these popular wireless offers. Banning free data services would mean higher costs and fewer choices for mobile consumers.

Free data services offer:

More choices for Consumers – Free data services stem from fierce competition, with wireless carriers competing every day for your business. 97 percent of Americans have the choice of three or more wireless providers, offering thousands of different pricing options, devices, services, and incentives that appeal to consumers of all stripes. That’s a mobile market working for consumers.

More Data for Consumers – That means more content from companies that participate in free data programs, as well as from companies that don’t. Because when some content does not count toward your data plan, you have more freedom to use other apps and content that do.

Lower Costs for Consumers – More data means you don’t have to pay more to get more content and you’re less likely to go over your wireless plan. All of which means more money stays in your pocket.

And free is a common business practice – from toll-free calling to free shipping – because consumers love free services.

The offerings below are a taste of what wireless consumers are getting with free data services:

                • T-Mobile’s Binge On service lets consumers watch video from over 60 large and small streaming services – including YouTube, Amazon Video, HBO Now, Netflix, CuriosityStream or Kidoodle.TV – without counting towards their data plan.



                • Virgin Mobile’s Data-Free Streaming Music service allows consumers to stream music through their Virgin Mobile device without it counting against their high-speed data plan, and features Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker, 8tracks, and Milk Music, with more streaming music providers coming soon.


Free data services make your wireless experience more worry-free, and if you like no-cost mobile access to apps and content, then you will appreciate the benefits of what the FCC calls “zero rating” and wireless consumers are calling a “WIN”.