Consumer Tips

Be a savvy wireless consumer.

Accessibility for Wireless Consumers

ACTwireless believes that ALL American consumers should have equal access to affordable wireless communication in today’s rapidly-evolving marketplace.

Managing Your Wireless Account

You have the ability to find out exactly how much wireless service you’ve used and what it’s costing you, anytime you want. Learn more about how to manage your account.

What to Ask When You Buy Your Next Wireless Phone

Today’s wireless devices have incredible capabilities and there are a lot of different service plan options to consider. We want to recommend some questions you should be asking yourself and other helpful tips for you to think about as you think about that important purchase.

Wireless Consumer Code

Did you know that wireless companies have made a public commitment to make their consumers the most educated and informed around? In 2003, wireless companies signed onto a 10-point “Consumer Code” to address the issues their customers care about most.

What to Do Before and After Your Wireless Phone is Lost or Stolen

There are several prevantative and proactive tips for you in the case that your wireless device is ever lost or stolen.