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Telemedicine and Increasing Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare can be a serious problem. Increasingly doctors are overburdened and overworked, specialists are not accessible or available within a reasonable traveling distance, and patients are suffering through long wait times. Enter telemedicine—which enables “remote consultations, in-home monitoring, outsourced diagnostic analysis, and remote specialist consultations,” according to a Becker’s Health Information Technology Report….

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NYC’s 2017 BigApps Competition Announces Winners

Four apps were announced as winners Tuesday, May 23 at New York City’s 2017 BigApps Competition: DollarVan, OnBoard, nesterly and PASSNYC: Opportunity Explorer, all of which fit into one of the three designated categories of knowledge, transportation and community resiliency. Grand prize winners from the three categories will receive $15,000 cash, admission to the Civic Accelerator…

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Amazon’s No-checkout Grocery Headed to Europe

Amazon seems to be looking to export its experimental checkout-less grocery story to the United Kingdom with Friday’s registration of the trademark of “No Queue. No Checkout. (No, Seriously.)” Similar trademarks are in process in the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office. Amazon (AMZN) began testing a no-checkout grocery store called Amazon Go in downtown Seattle in December….

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