Author: American Eagle

Stand with us to take action to help rural communities improve healthcare access

Rural communities across the country are in desperate need of better healthcare access. With advancements made in technology, such as the next generation of wireless—5G—the landscape of what “better” and “access” looks like is changing in the best way. One demographic affected by such access is the senior community. “By empowering seniors and people with…

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Improving Rural Medical Access

The Center for Health and Technology at UC-Davis has created a network that enables connections between rural emergency departments and the university’s specialists — in critical care, dermatology, endocrinology and pediatric audiology, among other areas. Through concentrated wireless connections, these programs are changing the way rural primary care physicians are able to better care for…

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Save the Planet? Use a Smartphone.

The secret is out—smartphones are giving us the opportunity to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve been given this whole new realm of possibilities through innovation in wireless technologies. Now, we have the capability to access information that can help us use our natural resources, like energy and water, more efficiently. For example, for homeowners looking…

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