8 Uber-like apps for the uber-rich

We live in a golden era of on-demand apps. Need a pizza? Have a slice delivered. Forget to go grocery shopping? Fill up your cabinets with Instacart. But these are downright pedestrian compared to a whole slew of Uberlike services for the luxury market that help you book things like your own personal butler or private jet. Got some serious spare cash lying around? Go ahead, make me jealous.

Hello Alfred (iOS)

What’s the point of being super wealthy if you don’t have a butler hanging around ready to do your bidding? That’s where Hello Alfred comes in. For a starting price of $32 a week, you can get a dedicated “Alfred” — that’s what they call their butlers, after Batman’s loyal servant — to do your bidding.

Alfreds can run errands, go grocery shopping, get your house or clothing cleaned, and more. Keep in mind that prices go up depending on your request and the frequency of visits per week.

Some chores, like cleaning and taking out the trash are included, while others like laundry cost extra — $0.75 to $1.50 per pound for washing and folding — or $4 to $6 to replace a button.

Alfreds aren’t just helpers picked off the street, either. The company treats its butlers as full or part-time W2 workers with benefits. They have to pass background checks and the company claims that only the top 5 percent of applicant gets hired. We also like to imagine the Alfreds do your chores while wearing white gloves (unconfirmed).

Luxe (iOS/Android)

Don’t you hate when you drive your Porsche downtown and can’t find a place to park it? Luxe promises to take the stress out of parking in the big city by being your personal valet service.

Use the app to say where you’re going to be, and a Luxe valet will be there to take your car when you arrive (look for the eye-piercing blue jacket). When you want your car back, a valet will drop it off where you want. They can also fill up the gas, wash your car, or change the oil.

Luxe operates in several US cities including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin. Rates vary but basic parking will cost you $5 an hour.

There are different monthly subscriptions depending on location like unlimited parking ($399 in SF, $339 in Chicago) and residential car storage ($224 in LA, $599 in NYC).

JetSmarter (iOS/Android)

First class can be so boring sometimes; why not book your own private jet?

JetSmarter wants to be the Uber for private jets, and while the on-demand aspect isn’t quite as simple as Uber — you can’t just have a jet pick you up where you are — the app handles all the booking from a clean mobile interface.

A JetSmarter membership will cost you $15,000 for the first year, which gives you free seats on shuttle flights under three hours and access to jet deals. Long haul flights start at $450 from New York to San Francisco.

The price of chartering your own private jet will vary by flight.

The app operates a few ways:

  • You can book a private charter with your own itinerary, destination, and selection of aircraft.
  • Book a flight and leave empty seats for other JetSmarter users to fill up (offsetting the hefty cost of flying alone).
  • Hop on other people’s booked planes (reverse of the previous option).
  • Or you can snag one of JetSmarter’s jet deals, for spontaneous flying at a reduced price (but still expensive).

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