Washington State Considering a Cellphone Tax Hike, Consumers Say No Way

The Washington State Legislature is considering allowing counties (the legislation is HB 2728 / SB 6521) to add a six percent utility tax that, depending on where you live, could end up on your cellphone bill. Many Washington State residents already pay the second highest cellphone taxes in the nation with federal, state, and local taxes and fees as high as 23%.

So, we decided to ask the folks in Washington State what they have to say about this. According to a survey we conducted last week of 400 Washingtonians, the message was clear: the majority of respondents oppose this tax proposal.

If you live in Washington State, speak up now and tell your legislators to oppose this tax hike. In this tough economy, and with the already sky-high rates that you pay in taxes on your cellphone bill, we think enough is enough.


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